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Feeling inspired?

Here you can get your hands on all of our products and give your plants a natural boost. Click on the product images to the left to find out more and to purchase items.

Old Mucker has now added a selection of ‘Cards for Gardeners’ to its product range, so do please take a look by clicking on the image to the left.

All purchases from the shop will incur a postage fee which will be added to your order at check out. We have scaled our postage costs as follows:
Sales up to £5.00 – £1.50 postage
Sales from £5.00-£10.00 – £2.00 postage
Sales from £10.00-£19.99 – £2.50 postage
There is free postage on all orders over £20.00.

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We are constantly working on new ideas using natural, sustainable ingredients so do keep checking back with us to see what’s new.